Our "Wide Area" Maine and New Hampshire Digital ICOM Radio System

Called "IDAS", for short, and it has plenty of range for you and your fleet vehicles

Active_Site_NetworkingNetworking allows your company to communicate over greater distances. For example, a truck driver in Manchester, NH is able to quickly talk via two-way radio to another driver in Bangor, ME – 230 miles away. We’re employing the most recent innovations in technology to bring Maine and New Hampshire this digitally trunked radio system. The manufacturer is ICOM America and the name for this system is IDAS, short for Icom Digital Advanced System. IDAS allows your company to experience the benefits of digital radio, providing your fleet vehicles extended range as they travel throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Communicate quickly and efficiently with your drivers! Your vehicle drivers will seamlessly “roam” between our tower sites without ever having to manually switch channels on their radio. So much faster and safer than having you and your drivers trying to rely on cellphones!

All the features of a digital radio, like text, GPS and group/individual calls are available with IDAS, too.

To read more about IDAS – its features and capabilities go to www.idas625.com.

“No channel changing, ever!
The radio “roams for you” automatically as you drive.”
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