IT Solutions

MaineStream Solutions is a 2-Way Radio and IT support company located in Topsham Maine, designed specifically to assist our clients with any and all areas of their business, and to provide the most options for the least expense. We want you to do it better, faster, and cost effectively!

  • 2-Way Radio Sales and Support
  • Computer Workstation, Server Support and Installation Services
  • Asset Management and Monitoring Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Telephony and Telecommunications Solutions and Support
  • Communications Systems
  • Backup Strategies
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Cabling
  • Point of Sale
  • Staff Training
  • Project Proposals and Planning
  • and much more!

Just one of the above items, or the cost of these items, can put most companies into a tail spin. Technology is a great thing, and with the correct guidance can provide cost savings and allow more work in less time for your company. However, who in your company has the time to be proficient in any if not all of these areas? Most companies I know depend on a provider in each area to advise them on these items, and cost of the service. Your company must also believe that providers are the most proficient in their area. If your company has an IT staff, is there training up to date in these areas or have they had continued training at some point?

“There is not just one Technology professional that has all the answers!” You must surround yourself with professionals that can assist you in all aspects of technology, and that’s what we do at MaineStream Solutions! We bring all of our experts to you! Some of these experts include our technicians and other IT professionals, Carrier Services Professionals, Hardware, Software Manufactures and manufacture support technicians just to name a few.

We are your partner…

  • MaineStream Solutions is part of your team. We can facilitate, lead, train and assist your company in any technology area or any proposed or existing project.
  • MaineStream does it better and for less because we use vendors that are cost effective in the market place, especially in our current economic times.
  • MaineStream Solutions continually works with vendors on new technology, which we pass on to our customers!

Our goal is for our partners we assist to say, “MaineStream Solutions did exactly what we asked, and they provided, assisted, or proposed and implemented the best options for our task at a fair cost.” We want you to continually rely on our services and also recommend us to other businesses. We want you to be comfortable with your technology and communications system! We will remain your partner and assist you with your company’s changes in the market place.

Computer Workstation and Server Support Services

MaineStream Solutions provides computer workstation and server support as well as installation of new systems. We have extensive knowledge in software and hardware that allows us to keep your network and systems running efficiently and effectively. MaineStream Solutions partners with other IT professionals to assist us with our clients, which allows us to offer lots of knowledge for any support task or projects. We assist our clients with inventory of their systems, age, and migration plans for new system replacements. We also offer many other services such as workstation and server monitoring, backup strategies, and cloud services, as well as maintaining all of your updates, for all of your systems hardware and software alike.

Consulting and Proposals

MaineStream Solutions can assist you with new technology or existing technology. We can provide ideas for improvement in your current technology or communications systems. We can provide you with technology enhancements, proposals, contract bidding.

MaineStream Solutions is your partner in business. We will work hard to provide your company with the best options and work with many vendors to obtain the best pricing options!

Technology Support, Asset Management, and Monitoring Services

MaineStream offers Managed Services for support of your current or future Technology and Communications systems. This may include your Telephony systems, Servers, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Workstations, WAN, LAN, Internet connectivity and Backup systems to name a few. We have many options for managed or per hour support for your company

We commit to learning your system to allow us to offer you the best options to suit your needs. We also offer complete asset management and monitoring of your Information and Communications systems! We offer a help desk standard to all of our customers to assist with your needs quickly and efficiently.

Our state of the art Asset Management and Monitoring system provides us with many reporting operations, system inventory, availability, and system state in real time. Let us come show you our system and take it for a test drive!

System Audits

How old is your equipment? Has your system been tested from outside your network to see if there are vulnerabilities? How often are updates installed to your system? Do you have a testing environment for updates before you apply them? Does your system seem slow? Are your systems out of warranty? Who can repair your systems in time of need?

If you are thinking “I’m not sure” to any of these questions then you could be in trouble when something happens to one or all of your systems!

MaineStream Solutions can audit your systems, work with your team to assist your company in creating a plan to repair, upgrade or purchase new technology. MaineStream can offer enhancements to prolong system health and prepare your company for the best cost effective option.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services cover many options such as Hosted IP Phones solutions, Hosted Exchange Server, Complete Hosted Server Environments, and Hosted Desktops Service to name a few. These services can work well in conjunction with your current system or even as a standalone option for some or all applications. Cloud services are also much more cost effective in the market place and may offer cost savings to your company. If your company hasn’t looked at cloud services up to this point, then MaineStream can assist you with checking out the cloud!

Internet Connectivity and Telephony

Are you getting the most bang for you buck from your Internet?

Most companies get locked into a long term contract or do not have the ability to change the bandwidth provided with your service in times of need.

Telephony contracts are a nightmare as well. Your company can end up with long distance costs, an outdated system or features not setup to do things efficiently.

MaineStream can look at your current system and offer suggestions and cost or upgrade potentials to your current communication systems. These areas drive most company’s growth and assist in making the company profitable. These areas should be watched closely and continually to assist with growth or allow for change within your corporation to comply with business needs.

There have been many changes in this technology such as SIP, VoIP and managed solutions which may offer more cost effective Telephony for your company.

Backup Strategies

When are your backups done? Where are your backups stored? Where do you locate too if you have a system failure? Are your systems redundant?

MaineStream Solutions can provide options for backup such as our Full Disaster Recovery Backup suite which offers local backups on site and Cloud backups as well. We can also virtualize your server on the cloud system while your on site system is repaired / replaced after a disaster. How critical is your data and do you have systems or fail safes in place? Call us for more details!

Disaster Recovery and Strategic Planning

disasterMaineStream Solutions can provide you with options for planning before a disaster strikes! Look at how many Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Earth Quakes have affected so many companies in this current financial state. How is your system powered in a power outage? Consider fire or theft, what happens then?

We can plan how you company will react and where your employees will go before it happens! Remember it’s not a matter of it happening; the question is when will it happen to your company?
Staff Training

Training… Why does it come last?

One thing I always noted is that training seems to be pushed off and doesn’t happen due to the work load of the IT professional or cost involved.

MaineStream Solutions audits your current personnel and training level, and then we compile training options for your staff. Let’s bring them up to current on your system, possible upgrade options that may exist, or new technology that may save you money and perform more efficiently.

These professions still need continued education to keep up with the changes within your own systems and to make them more efficient. Who at your company make sure this happens?? MaineStream Solutions can!

Call us today and allow us to partner with your business!!